Company Information

Precisely built and delivered

BSB Staalbouw is specialized in engineering, manufacturing and assembly, but also in the maintenance of dynamically loaded steelstructures, such as bridges, lock gates, cranes, and offshore applications. Every construction of BSB Staalbouw "is tailor-made”, precisely built and delivered, according to the specifications of the customer.

Years of expertise

Engineering, manufacturing and assembly is getting realized in Bergum (Friesland) by 50 specialists in steel building. Together they form a team with fifty years of expertise in working with complex steel structures that has resulted in a unique know-how and knowledge base. A knowledge by the way, which through training and developing new skills, constantly is expanding.

Perfect environment

The site of BSB Staalbouw located on the banks of the Prinses Margriet canal, includes a total of about 25.000 m2 hard surfaces. The production halls provide a ground surface of about 4000 m2 and a working height of 9.5 m. Together, this is the perfect environment for working with large structures. The location on the fairway makes it possible to ship the manufactured steel structures of almost any size with ease in each destination within and outside the Netherlands.

Special Steel Structures

BSB Staalbouw enjoys working with clear agreements. On specifications. About perfection. On cost control, and planning. So BSB Staalbouw has become a company, that in the area of special steel structures has realized many works of art and will continue to do so in the future.

Temporary bridges

For several years, various clients also know that BSB Staalbouw, has been hiring out temporary bridges. These bridges can be put into service within 2-3 days if necessary.

Extensive machinery

Furthermore BSB Staalbouw has an extensive machine park. This includes special alignment and accurate machining on site, for instance for crane ships (offshore) and mobile cranes.